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2014 Green Leadership Award for DEHSART
On April 22, 2008, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established an annual Green Leadership Award to showcase the diverse local achievements in protecting and improving our environment. Throughout Los Angeles County, residents, businesses, nonprofit organizations, community groups and cities develop and employ innovative strategies and initiatives to enhance […]

DEHSART honored as a finalist for the LA County Green ...

DEHSART created a Public Service Announcement based on the votes from our public engagement activity that asked you what message you wanted to emphasized to activate community involvement in illegal dumping. The community overwhelmingly decided REPORTING is the message that needs to be broadcast and encouraged in the region to […]

Dehsart’s Illegal Dumping PSA

Did you vote yet? Discarding your broken camper in the desert equals fines of up to $3000. RVs and boats abound abandoned in our valley. These complex items can be a valuable tax deductible donation and can be restored or recycled into useful transport by Action Donation in Southern […]

Intervention E – Vehicular Vistas

  Vote for your favorite poster! Beautiful Barrel Springs and Joshua Ranch Trails were brought to our attention by many Palmdale residents as a site of investigation. Along the miles of paved and unpaved roads there are multiple areas of household trash, construction debris and green waste. The irony of […]

Intervention D – Construction Junction