Vote for your favorite poster! Beautiful Barrel Springs and Joshua Ranch Trails were brought to our attention by many Palmdale residents as a site of investigation. Along the miles of paved and unpaved roads there are multiple areas of household trash, construction debris and green waste. The irony of […]

Intervention D – Construction Junction

Bulky items, those which can’t fit in a cart or weigh more than 100 pounds can be hauled away by appointment with a waste management service.   The large fiberglass pieces we found were repurposed almost immediately by resourceful skateboarders looking to create a skate park of their own.  

Intervention C – Bulky Item Re-Use

Let’s take a closer look at some of the discarded materials found at site B. Tires have a recyclable value as synthetic mulch for playgrounds As foundation structures for earthships Greenwaste, yardwaste or landscaping cuttings can easily be used as firewood, compost material, garden fencing or plant support structures, […]

Intervention B – Tired of Yardwaste

DEHSART illuminates the material extent of illegal dumping, educates about environmental responsibility and re-frames refuse as a creative resource. Our first monument utilizes the abandoned items from a household. Please vote for your favorite message here, on our Facebook page, or in person at the AV Fair.   Homestead members […]

Intervention A – Household Responsibility

Jennifer from JCPenney
Jennifer from JCPenney® MEOW. Jennifer from JCPenney® has a special way of communicating via animals and sound combining art with symbols that transcend the boundaries of time, culture and dimension. With her special interest in the Antelope Valley aerospace industry, she transmits messages and travels here often to report on […]

From Space with Love,

The Forêt Intérieure/Interior Forest is a drawing of a forest, a shared dream. Based on an ongoing exchange with the iconic French author, poet, playwright and philosopher Hélène Cixous, Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Grant’s multi-faceted project Forêt Intérieure/Interior Forest—encompassing a series of public drawing sessions, reading groups, artist collaborations and an installation at […]

Forêt Intérieure/interior forest

Courtesy of Kenny King
Guest artist Kenny King. My first experience to the High Desert was in the mid 1970s with my mom & dad, and I wondered why someone would live here. A couple years later we moved to Desert View Highlands, west side of Palmdale. At the time it was small town […]


Vote for entry #26! DEHSART created a “Report Illegal Dumping” jersey design for the City of Palmdale’s Race to Art challenge in conjunction with the Stage 3 start of the eight-day Amgen Tour of California–America’s largest international professional cycling race. The jersey was made using an artistic textile technique that uses […]

Amgen Race to Art Jersey

The Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task Force invited Joel Greene and his team from Curiosity Quest Goes Green to investigate and intervene at trashed sites all over the area for future broadcast on the popular PBS show. DEHSART tagged along for the whirlwind and windy day of shooting. A fun […]

Curiosity Quest comes to the AV