Junk Dada

Of repurposing cast-off items to create art, Purifoy said: “Junk art, assemblage art…it’s as close to human existence because it’s all the cast-offs we are utilizing here….So, I won’t say that assemblage art is much like itself, but it’s closer to existence than any other art form. Because it’s your sh*t that we’re remodeling …and you got rid of it. And I come along and pick it up. And you say, ‘Oh, that’s junk.’ Well fine, that’s junk, yes.”

-FROM LACMA’s Noah Purifoy Exhibition Junk Dada

Please visit these links to see works by artists re-using found materials from the desert:


Noah Purifoy FoundationNoah Purifoy Foundation: Noah Purifoy
Main : David Emitt Adams
Nicolas Shake


Kyle WelkerKyle Welker is a fine artist working in site specific installations in the high desert of the Mojave
Kim Zitzow


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