Make a Re-Usable Bag From An Old T Shirt

Taking a few minutes each day to fill a bag with trash helps make an impact on illegally dumped debris in our desert.

An easy way to clean-up is to always have a bag with you.

With help from our partners in Girl Scout Troop 9022, we showed scouts from all over southern California how to easily make a DEHSART bag from and old T Shirt.

  • Lay the T flat, right side out on a table
  • Cut the neckline and sleeves away
  • Sew a side to side seam just above the existing hem of the shirt
  • Turn inside out and carry using the arm holes as handles

OR– Make a No-Sew version – with tied fringe!

  • Measure 5 inches up from the bottom hem and mark with a pencil
  • Cut fringe strips to meet the pencil line about every 1/2 inch
  • Tie the front to the back fringe pieces using double knots

In our workshop, we also screened the DEHSART logo on the bags to help spread the word about reversing the rubbish in our deserts.

A huge thank you to Kelly, Angela, Cindy, Dave and Troop 9022 and all the volunteers who made the workshop possible!

Photo by Barbara Kelly

Photo by Barbara Kelly