Daily Archives: August 13, 2013

Did you vote yet? Discarding your broken camper in the desert equals fines of up to $3000. RVs and boats abound abandoned in our valley. These complex items can be a valuable tax deductible donation and can be restored or recycled into useful transport by charities.dbw.ca.gov. Action Donation in Southern […]

Intervention E – Vehicular Vistas

  Vote for your favorite poster! Beautiful Barrel Springs and Joshua Ranch Trails were brought to our attention by many Palmdale residents as a site of investigation. Along the miles of paved and unpaved roads there are multiple areas of household trash, construction debris and green waste. The irony of […]

Intervention D – Construction Junction

Let’s take a closer look at some of the discarded materials found at site B. Tires have a recyclable value as synthetic mulch for playgrounds As foundation structures for earthships http://earthship.com/ Greenwaste, yardwaste or landscaping cuttings can easily be used as firewood, compost material, garden fencing or plant support structures, […]

Intervention B – Tired of Yardwaste

DEHSART illuminates the material extent of illegal dumping, educates about environmental responsibility and re-frames refuse as a creative resource. Our first monument utilizes the abandoned items from a household. Please vote for your favorite message here, on our Facebook page, or in person at the AV Fair.   Homestead members […]

Intervention A – Household Responsibility