We are big fans of Alyce Santoro‘s Sonic Fabric made of re-purposed cassette tape. We find cassettes and VHS media dumped in the desert all the time.

After collecting a couple of e-waste-d tape players (thanks Jason!) we hacked the play heads. An illegal dumping bumper sticker holds the emulsion side of magnetic tape in place. Scrub over the play head and turn it up to eleven:



Learn how to make your own – watch Alyce’s video.

You can use the system to read sound from VHS as well – just know that the audio information is magnetically stored on one side of the outer edge of the tape only. Good news is – you will know which when you hear it.

DEHSART showcased the eco-sound system at the Palmdale Public Library along with a Field Guide to Illegal Dumping educational presentation.

We have two setups available for comprehension and experimentation. Contact us for a visit about audible trash and eco-education at