Small gestures make huge impacts – but let’s cleanup SAFELY!

  • Wear a pair of gloves
  • Acquire a pick up tool/litter picker
  • Make or bring a re-usable bag to gather trash – no plastic please!
  • If you find garbage bags or containers do not open – they could house dangerous chemicals or hazardous substances – contact your local enforcement agency
  • Don’t pick up needles or other sharp objects
  • Don’t pick up anything organic – we find dirty diapers and occasionally – dead animals
  • Wear a reflective vest and hat if you have one
  • Don’t go out to remote areas without a buddy

Please dispose of your finds properly.

In LA County – Call 1-888-8-DUMPING to Report or use theWORKS android or iphone app from the field.

In San Bernardino County – Call 1-800-78-CRIME to Report or use SBCode android or iphone app from the field.