First Community Cleanup Box Installed in Lancaster

Abigail spoke up and the first community cleanup box has been installed adjacent to the vacant lots cleared of debris – all thanks to the Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task Force, Local Girl Scouts, Eastside High School Art Students and the City of Lancaster.

We need your help to keep a clean slate across from Miller Elementary.
Similar to adopt-a-highway and little free library, visit 22nd West and K-4 to borrow a bag, pick up trash, take home and dispose of it properly, then return the bag for someone else to do the same.

Would you like to install a Community Cleanup Box in your neighborhood? Plans to build your own can be downloaded here.
To download the signage package created by Eastside High School Students and DEHSART click on the button below. (200mb file)


Contact karyl(at)dehsart(dot)com to receive more information about obtaining construction materials and reusable t-shirt collection bags.

Here’s our friend Cody Urban on site introducing the stewardship concept and our contest on Time Warner Cable! Thanks Cody!