Intervention A – Household Responsibility

DEHSART illuminates the material extent of illegal dumping, educates about environmental responsibility and re-frames refuse as a creative resource. Our first monument utilizes the abandoned items from a household.

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Homestead members bear the responsibility for the lifespan of their possessions yet these acquisitions sadly merge into the desert.

There are other ways to deal with the domestic waste you see here:

  • In the case of loss of use, appliances should be brought to a local e-waste and household hazardous waste collection for recycling.
  • Clothing and children’s toys can easily be donated for a smaller sized human use and enjoyment.
  • Cabinets, window shades, wood, other building materials and furniture can be used by organizations like Habitat for Humanity. Their Re-Stores center in Pasadena offers these practical goods at little cost. Perhaps we can find an AV affiliate to create a local center to help combat illegal dumping and provide hope for families in need.
  • But thinking even larger, building materials, wood, stripped coated wire, tiles, broken crockery and mirror make up a supply of resource already used by artists for ages. Check out some amazing art made from discards on the Ojai Art Festival facebook page. We love them!