Great for many things, take a stand on your beat. Recycle the tallest cans you can find. Collect 6 from the Mojave. Cut into 2″ strips, tape or paint, nail or staple to the electric poles. Repeat. #amplify #stopwar #attention in your #neighborhood #beat #route #copythispost by @karyl.newman

#aluminumcan #reuse

For National Public Lands Day this year we decided on a granular approach to the beverage glass surrounding beloved Giant Rock. At a solstice cleanup in 2020, we noticed a toddler playing in the unsafe sand! Made possible by a generous donation from Builders Supply, we built 5 sand sifting […]

DIY Sifting Screens #NPLD2021

Guest artist Kenny King. My first experience to the High Desert was in the mid 1970s with my mom & dad, and I wondered why someone would live here. A couple years later we moved to Desert View Highlands, west side of Palmdale. At the time it was small town […]