These 16 types of waste are commonly dumped in the wrong place – our desert environment. In 2016, let’s resolve to recycle: Sofas Other Furniture Tires Mattresses Bags of Household Trash Paint Construction Materials Clothing Plastic Toys TVs Yard Waste Remodeling Debris Shoes Motor Oil Balloons Boats

Not-So-Sweet 16!

Abigail spoke up and the first community cleanup box has been installed adjacent to the vacant lots cleared of debris – all thanks to the Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task Force, Local Girl Scouts, Eastside High School Art Students and the City of Lancaster. We need your help to keep […]

First Community Cleanup Box Installed in Lancaster

Of repurposing cast-off items to create art, Purifoy said: “Junk art, assemblage art…it’s as close to human existence because it’s all the cast-offs we are utilizing here….So, I won’t say that assemblage art is much like itself, but it’s closer to existence than any other art form. Because it’s your […]

Junk Dada

hashtag your photos dehsart
The top #dehsart hashtag user during the month of October will win a one of a kind framed art piece and DEHSART swag bag! Celebrate the first DEHSART cleanup station box and inspire others by sharing your trash photos tagged #dehsart on Instagram!   Simply follow these instructions:   1. […]


Keep our Desert Beautiful. A large scale clean-up event took place yesterday – a team endeavor with the City of Lancaster and Waste Management. All accomplished because of an account by a local junior girl scout at a DEHSART event –  in attendance with her troop and first of 50 girls to speak […]

One AV Girl Scout’s Voice Sends a Clean & Clear ...

Senior Girls Scouts of Los Angeles chapters helped build the first DEHSART Clean Up Station – an experimental initiative to inspire community clean-up action. The box is made of discarded wood and donated materials from Home Depot and Do It Best with hardware found and repurposed from an AV dumpsite. […]

Girl Scouts create the First DEHSART Clean-up Station

Karyl Newman gave a Take Action presentation to Los Angeles Area Girl Scouts to inspire them on their Journeys and help make an impact on our environment. Scouts were invited to help collect trash in their own neighborhood, report illegal dumping and bring a T-Shirt from home to customize with […]

LA Area Girl Scouts Learn About DEHSART

DEHSART is TRASHED spelled backwards!
Taking a few minutes each day to fill a bag with trash helps make an impact on illegally dumped debris in our desert. An easy way to clean-up is to always have a bag with you. With help from our partners in Girl Scout Troop 9022, we showed scouts from […]

Make a Re-Usable Bag From An Old T Shirt