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Ten years ago, just after DEHSART launched, the fine folks at KCET featured our project on ARTBOUND. “Artbound” is an Emmy® award-winning arts and culture series that examines the lives, works and creative processes of innovators making an impact in Southern California and beyond. Through broadcast episodes and local journalism, […]

A Decade Ago on ARTBOUND…

a decade of DEHSART
DEHSART began at the end of March 2013 with the first of multiple grants from the Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task Force. Much appreciation to all of our collaborators over the years and thank YOU for following along! Sadly, illegal dumping continues and so will DEHSART. To celebrate, please consider […]

TEN YEARS! and upcoming cleanups…

3D printed can cutter parts
We printed this tool at Create Center for the Arts to simplify obtaining aluminum sheets and discs from beverage containers. Download the files here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/parametric-soda-can-bottle-cutter Watch the tool assembly tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T87IvQoXEGA Lots of cans were pulled post King of the Hammers at the Desert Cleanse Project camp-and-clean last weekend—even […]

3D Printed Can Cutter

Great for many things, take a stand on your beat. Recycle the tallest cans you can find. Collect 6 from the Mojave. Cut into 2″ strips, tape or paint, nail or staple to the electric poles. Repeat. #amplify #stopwar #attention in your #neighborhood #beat #route #copythispost by @karyl.newman

#aluminumcan #reuse

For National Public Lands Day this year we decided on a granular approach to the beverage glass surrounding beloved Giant Rock. At a solstice cleanup in 2020, we noticed a toddler playing in the unsafe sand! Made possible by a generous donation from Builders Supply, we built 5 sand sifting […]

DIY Sifting Screens #NPLD2021

Re-think Representing Your Event With T-shirts The average citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually, occupying nearly 5% of landfill space and untold acres of our desert landscape when dumped in the environment. Be aware,  unwanted garments can easily be donated to area charities at storefronts, […]

ReWear – The Trouble with Textiles

We have some exciting news to share with you! Join DEHSART.com on Saturday, April 16 from 9am – 2pm at the Yucca Valley Community Center for a free Earth Day event. Check out the new EVENT page for all the details on this and future engagements.

April 16 – Earth Day Event

These 16 types of waste are commonly dumped in the wrong place – our desert environment. In 2016, let’s resolve to recycle: Sofas Other Furniture Tires Mattresses Bags of Household Trash Paint Construction Materials Clothing Plastic Toys TVs Yard Waste Remodeling Debris Shoes Motor Oil Balloons Boats

Not-So-Sweet 16!

Of repurposing cast-off items to create art, Purifoy said: “Junk art, assemblage art…it’s as close to human existence because it’s all the cast-offs we are utilizing here….So, I won’t say that assemblage art is much like itself, but it’s closer to existence than any other art form. Because it’s your […]

Junk Dada

DEHSART created a Public Service Announcement based on the votes from our public engagement activity that asked you what message you wanted to emphasized to activate community involvement in illegal dumping. The community overwhelmingly decided REPORTING is the message that needs to be broadcast and encouraged in the region to […]

Dehsart’s Illegal Dumping PSA